"I bought three Clan Boyd history pictures. One for my wife's Scottish pub in Knoxville, Tennessee, one for my father's 75th birthday and one for our home. The two presents were hits and each is now proudly displayed. You did an exceptional job and anyone would be proud to display them. They make a wonderful gift or a favourite possession for any member of a clan. I'll get photographs of them in position off to you soon."
Randy, Knoxville TN

"A brief thankyou for my clan history, a brilliant idea being able to see my tartan, badge and family lands on an old map of Scotland in a picture. It looks really good particularly when I'm so far from home. Thanks."
J. Barclay, Brisbane

"When seen for the first time by friends it creates so much interest and questions that I find, on occasions, it's awfie difficult not to boast!!"
F. Robertson, Perth

"Your clan heritage seemed expensive but now it's arrived it looks great, well worth the cost and one of the few pictures I'll never get tired of looking at."
J. Hunter, Ontario

"A quick glance at my Clan History picture before I leave the house each morning makes me feel good!"
A Chisholm, Edinburgh

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