The Border Reivers

Naworth Castle (pictured above)
Where Lord William Howard, responsible for Law and Order in the 1600's, hung Scottish 'Reiver' wrong doers, including 62 Armstrongs in the course of two years.
The Armstrong had become one of the most powerful of the infamous “Border Reivers”. In those difficult times they regularly led forays well into the English border countryside stealing and plundering until the English Crown in 1603 took their revenge on all the Reiving families.
Part of the old oak hanging tree still stands. The aftermath of these reprisals resulted in many families fleeing to the cities, to Ulster, America and the British Colonies.
A most famous recent Armstrong, Neil, is said to have left a wee bit of his clan tartan on the moon.

In order to produce Scottish clan history pictures, we require a genuine tartan and an approved badge. The Reiver family names listed opposite meet with this criteria.

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The "Border Reiver" families include...

Armstrong, Bell, Carruthers, Cranston, Cunningham, Davidson, Douglas, Elliot, Graham, Henderson, Hunter, Irvine, Jardine, Johnstone, Kerr, Kirkpatrick, Maxwell, Moffat, Murray, Rutherford, Scott, Thompson, Turnbull

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